3 Must-have Studio Microphone Accessories

3 Must-have Studio Microphone Accessories

Getting your home studio setup right isn’t easy. It takes time and effort to get going. This is because though microphones are a great accessory to record or broadcast with, you need some extra gear if you are looking for professional-sounding audio.

Of course, some accessories don’t need any mention because they are blatantly obvious such as desk stands or high-quality cable. Instead, in this blog post, we will offer our personal recommendations of the top three essential microphone accessories to be used from the very first day of your vocal session for a better result.

Pop filter

Let's start with the very basic yet essential gadget/ microphone accessory- the pop filter. It is an often neglected piece of tool overlooked by many, especially newcomers. However, this humble accessory is integral for better recording, podcasting, or streaming.


By design, the pop filter is made to serve one particular purpose. It intends to protect the mic capsules from our mouths' outbursts of plosive energy. What are plosives? Well, in the English language, there are six plosives, there is "P," "B," "T," D," "K," and "G." These alphabets produce a burst of air that travels rather fast towards the microphone and creates an unwanted popping sound.

5 Core Pop filters allow the user to eliminate plosive energy and get close to the mic safely. It is designed to reflect, absorb and block the plosive energy effectively. Therefore, investing in a high-quality pop filter makes sense if you genuinely care about the quality of your audio content.

Microphone isolation Shield

It is an essential piece microphone accessory for vocal artists, audiobook readers, podcasters, streamers, and narrators whose mission is to make a professional sound. Till today most vocalists face the problem of capturing crisp and clean, noise-free audio. There is always a chance of background noise coming to the mic and making the project a mess. Many audio artists use expensive after-production software to eliminate this noise; however, while doing so, the software also trims quite a bit of depth of your voice.


Microphone isolation Shield is the ideal solution for those struggling to produce the most refined audio clips. At its core, the job of a microphone isolation shield is to isolate the mic from the surrounding environmental noise. It works as an active and powerful filter to remove and reduce unwanted noise, sound wave reflections, and other ambient sounds. 

5 Core microphone isolation shields are made of a dense material that absorbs the reflection of sounds easily. If you are looking for the best microphone isolation shield for your studio, which is affordable yet effective, then your search is over now. And the best part of the 5 Core isolation shield is that it comes with a Pop filter!

Microphone Shock mount 

A shock mount is a well-crafted structure that isolates the microphone and keeps it suspended from microphone stands. The suspension mechanism plays a pivotal role in reducing unwanted noise from sound waves traveling through the mic stand.


The sound waves and vibration can easily travel through mic stands and the desk. And if these waves come into direct contact with the microphone, they will produce numerous noise and rumbling sounds. Furthermore, accidental touch to the mic stand happens more often than you think. This creates strong vibration, which adversely affects the sensitive microphone. And this is why professional vocal artists recommend using a shock mount.

5 Core microphone shock mount can be mounted onto the desk mic stand very easily or to a boom arm. By absorbing & dissipating the vibration, the microphone shock mount helps the creator to produce excellent quality audio content.


5 Core is an award-winning premium electronic product maker with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality microphone accessories. We have a growing inventory of studio mic accessories that can enhance your audio sessions. Mic accessories are an importance part of clean and professional-sounding audios. These tools can not be overlooked, and their importance can be neglected.

The above three tools are the essential ones where you should start your journey. More such accessories can further boost your production quality. And we will discuss those important accessories in the future. Until then, shop from 5 Core & find the best accessories for your studio from comfort.





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