DJ Equipment buying guide for beginners

DJ Equipment buying guide for beginners

There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to buying DJ equipment:

  1. You need to decide what type of music you want to play. This will determine the type of gear you need.
  2. You need to consider your budget.
  3. You need to consider the space available for your setup.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what you need. Let's take a closer look at each factor.

Important things to consider while buying DJ Equipment

Type of Music: The type of music you want to play will determine the type of gear you need. If you want to play club music, you will need turntables, mixers, and speakers. If you want to play hip-hop, you will need turntables, mixers, and headphones. To play pop music, your iPod or phone & speaker will be enough.


Budget: Your budget will determine the quality of the gear you can buy. If you have a large budget, you can certainly invest in acquiring professional-grade DJ equipment. On the other hand, a small budget can start from the basics. Though for beginners, the entry-level DJ Equipment will be enough. 5 Core DJ equipment is balanced. It means our equipment holds essential features for a DJ, yet to acquire this equipment, you do not have to spend a hefty amount. And if you are ordering in bulk, then the price drops significantly.


Space: The space you have available for your setup will determine the size and type of gear you can buy. If you have a large space, you can buy more equipment and store them safely. If you have a small space, your choice of buying equipment will be limited to a certain point.


Now that you know the three main factors to consider when buying DJ equipment let's take a look at some of the specific gear you will need to start your journey.

 Turntables: The turntable is the heart of any DJ setup. If you want to play vinyl records, you will need at least two turntables. If you want to play CDs, you will require at least one turntable.


Mixer: A mixer is used to mix the sound from the turntable or other audio sources. If you are playing a vinyl record, you will require a phone input. If you are playing CDs, you will need a mixer that supports a line input. Most professional DJs rely on high-quality 5 Core because it is a versatile device. It gives the DJs more flexibility to control the input and output than sources such as laptops or phones. The EQ and gain controls make dialing your proffered sound profile easy.


Speakers: Speakers are essential, and it is an important part of any DJ setup. High-quality speakers are used to amplify the sound coming from the mixer. If you are playing club music, you will need large speakers. On the other hand, if you are intended to play pop music, you can use smaller speakers. Whatever your music choice is, 5 Core speakers are highly capable of delivering clear and loud sound. They are the choice of Pro as well as beginner DJs across 65 countries. 


DJ Amplifier: A high-quality amplifier is essential for a smooth DJ session. Amplifiers, by design, work as signal boosters. It helps to improve the audio quality immensely. It can provide enough power to the speaker, woofer, and other equipment so that they can perform at their best. A power amplifier reduces distortion and produces clean and bass-rich audio that your listener will love. At 5 Core, we have a vast catalog of powerful DJ amps; they are made for everyone. Even if you are a beginner or have a small budget, we have something for everyone. Go check out or DJ power amplifiers.


Headphones: Headphones are used to cue up tracks and listen to the mix. If you are going to play in a club or concert, headphones are a must. We have high-quality headphones in our store. They are very comfortable to wear and deliver great sound to the ears. You can buy premium quality headphones directly from us at an affordable price. No matter how well-experienced you are, you will need headphones while working as a DJ. Without it, you are blind!



Now that you have a basic understanding and know where to start, it's time to start shopping!

5 Core is one of the pioneers in designing and manufacturing some of the best DJ equipment in the industry. If you want to start a smooth journey, start from our store.

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