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5 Core

5 Core Megaphone Handheld Bullhorn Loud Speaker Cheer Bull Horn with Mic Siren Sling Strap Portable Voice Recorder HW 1

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5 Core Cheer Megaphone/ Mini Megaphone

The term Megaphone may be familiar to you from your school days. However, did you know that the literal translation of this word is a mini megaphone? As their name implies, these are a very small version of a typical Megaphone. A Cheer Megaphone or Mini Megaphone is commonly used in business settings and education courses. This device allows for easy amplification of voices, making it easy to be heard by others, even at a distance or over background noise. The 5 Core Mini Megaphone can also be used like a directional bull horn speaker, allowing only specific people to hear whatâ??s being said instead of everyone around them.

If you need to amplify your voice during meetings or lectures, a Mini Megaphone is an ideal option to consider. These Cheer Megaphones are smaller and more portable than a traditional megaphones speaker, so they are ideal for people on the go who may not have regular access to their amplification tools. But regardless of where you find yourself at any given time, having a mini megaphone in your possession is sure to come in handy.

If you are looking for an affordable way to amplify your voice during important events like conferences or presentations, be sure to consider investing in a high-quality Mini Megaphone today. With this device by your side, you can rest assured that others will be able to hear what you have to say loud and clear. Need more reasons to invest in a Mini Megaphone? Letâ??s explore the top benefits!

The Top Benefits of Cheer Megaphone or Mini Megaphone


  1. The first benefit of using a mini megaphone is that it can be used as an emergency signal. Besides this primary function, the megaphone also comes with important features such as recording and volume control, as well as a very important siren. Dont be fooled by its smaller appearance. It comes with all the essential functionalities that are important for crowd management.


  1. The second benefit of using a Cheer Megaphone is that it is lightweight and portable. Since they typically weigh less than one pound and come with comfortable and durable straps. The small megaphone would not add a lot of weight to your bag or require a lot of space.


  1. The final benefit of using a mini megaphone is that it is affordable. Although you might want to splurge on a larger and more extensive model if you plan to rely on it frequently, our classic megaphone will be the best choice.


With all these benefits in mind, it is easy to see why this megaphone is so popular among people who require a small, compact, yet, functional device.

Why Choose 5 Core?

There are many reason why people choose 5 Core to buy megaphone. It is certainly a convenient tool for cheerleaders. But it is not limited to entertainers only. The use case of the cheer megaphone is vast & spread across many industries, such as the emergency sector, crowd management, sports events, etc.

The megaphone is a sophisticated device that lets you reach out to people easily and efficiently without much effort. Let's look into some of the benefits the Cheer Megaphone offers.



5 Core Mini Portable Cheer Megaphone with Siren and Adjustable Volume. Handheld Mic Toy

A megaphone is a device that amplifies the voice, unlike a microphone that converts the voice into an electric signal. Make sure you're heard loud and clear by everyone with the NEW Professional 5 Core Cheer Megaphone Bullhorn with Siren and Voice Recorder.

This compact and powerful sports megaphone features 5 watts of power, which means your voice can reach an amazing 100 feet away! Perfect for schools, businesses, Colleges, Drills, Offices, and Police, this handheld megaphone features adjustable volume control and two different audio functions.

Megaphone with mic that has a Voice mode to amplify your own voice through the microphone, or Alarm mode to amplify an alert/siren through the megaphone's loudspeaker. The lightweight chassis and ergonomic grip are easy to hold, and the compact design features a foldable handle, which allows for compact storage and portabilityâ??bringing Out The Child's Feelings In A Loud Voice.


Features Cheer Megaphone

  • Portable, Compact Size, Handy and Convenient Megaphone with Strap
  • Mini Megaphone with Alarm and Siren
  • New Portable Battery Operated Lightweight Designing Only Equips 4 AA Butteries (Not Included)
  • Two Audio Modes: Voice Talking & Siren Alert
  • Siren Alert Mode: Button-Activated Emergency Alarm Tone
  • Microphone: Unidirectional
  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • Cheer Megaphone Has A Fold Down Handle And An Attached Strap
  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip and Mini Light-Weight Chassis
  • Convenient Quick Folding Handle
  • Perfect for indoor & outdoor, fire officers, mentors, police, fire-fighters, cheerleader, schools, sports activities, occasion organizers, directors and for various reasons and occasions.


Mini Megaphone Speaker - Compact & Portable Megaphone Speaker with Siren Alarm Mode & Adjustable Volume, Battery Operated

  • 5 Core handy megaphone is small but mighty bullhorn which boasts 5 watts of sound, thats coverage of up to 400 yards, 317 grams weight. Compact Size, Handy and Convenient.
  • Mini size, Portable weight, A Fold Down Handle And An Attached Strap. They are all designed for easy carrying. Even a child can handle it.
  • All ABS housing, making the speaker not easy to break. Tough ABS Plastic Molded body for lightweight and rugged use. 5 Core extra small megaphone is sturdy and durable also. This mini megaphone made from quality materials are built to last.
  • 5 Core Mini Portable Compact Foldable Cheer Megaphone Bullhorn Loud Amplifier HW-1 with Power Source: Size AA (4x1.5V) (Not Included)
  • The Portable Megaphone Amplifies your voice through the mic. Our versatile product has been fitted with an advantageous conveying strap. Our megaphone/ bullhorn works with batteries.
  • Blast the siren to alert the crowd to an issue or get everyone's attention before making a big announcement. Volume control option to control scope of the alert.
  • This electronic bullhorn/ megaphone is great for indoor sports activities, coach training, role play of children, a small tour group, farm, meetings, assemblies, propaganda...etc.


About 5 Core

5 Core has climbed the heights of Quality, Performance, and Trust. We are being accepted globally in more than 65 countries. We as a team are mainly focused on addressing the needs of our customers through rugged, efficient, reliable, and economic analysis, solutions, and products while maintaining continuous interaction with them to assess their emerging requirements and be ready when needed appears.

People are vigilant in their choices and the path they take to purchase. Here at 5 Core, we believe in transparency; we truly care about our company's openness, accessibility, integrity, stance on issues, honesty, and how we run our business. As a trusted brand with customers in more than 65 countries, innovative and forward-thinking in how we build strong connections.

Now with headquarters in the United States of America, we are here to serve you again with our manufacturing and exporting of a wide range of Electronic Premium Products. We have worked hard in all aspects to win our users' trust and will continue this journey with the same dedication. Our products are built to last using safe, durable materials. Because at 5 Core, only perfection is good enough.


Cheer Megaphone allows users to address a large crowd at once. You can effectively send commands or broadcast emergency messages without putting much effort. Designed and manufactured by award-winning company 5 Core, this megaphone will truly become your companion for any event.


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