Recording Mic Arm Stand with Premium Shock Mount & Pop Filter Combo 5 Core (RM-STND-3-M)


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  • SKU: RM STND 3 M

DESCRIPTION5 Core Microphone Stand35 Years Old World Renowned Brand with a wide spread of 5 Million Happy & Satisfied Customers worldwide.Adjustable Boom ArmThe stand clamps to your desktop with a...


5 Core Microphone Stand

35 Years Old World Renowned Brand with a wide spread of 5 Million Happy & Satisfied Customers worldwide.

Adjustable Boom Arm
The stand clamps to your desktop with a C clamp to ensure it remains stable, and it can Support you free adjustment by 180 degrees to achieve the best position for your podcasting and streaming.

Shock Mount
5Core's professional suspension shock mount isolates the condenser microphone from working desk so that can be effecifically reduce the vibration and to bring more suitable during recording.

Mic Pop Filter
The pop filter is designed as double Layer to Efficiently reduce the plosive, wind interference, saliva spraying during your recording or broadcasting to get a great quality sound.

Great in both Vocal and Instruments, wide frequency response makes it an ideal mic to capture vocals, acoustic guitars, acoustic pianos and even strings as the condenser is able to take an accurate snapshot and capture all the subtleties and nuances inherent in these instruments.

Multiple Devices Connection
Support single mobile phone live, dual mobile phone live, mobile broadcast computer accompaniment, etc.
Compatibility: most major mainstream Kara song software, IOS and Android cellphone, tablets, computer, earphone, speaker, microphone.

Connection Method
1.To live broadcast one a computer/laptop, you need to connect the charging port(not LIVE1/LIVE2) of the sound card through the charging cable.
2.The computer will automatically identify and install the sound card driver

Smart Phone
1.Use the charging cable to connect the charging port(Until the light comes on)
2.Connect the phone to the LIVE1/LIVE2 on the sound card via AUDIO CABLE(APPLE/TYPE-C reauires and adapter.

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